The Spy Who Swapped Shoes by Geoffrey Davison
Books / July 26, 2019

    Thanks to Sapere Books for my review copy of Geoffrey Davison’s, The Spy Who Swapped Shoes, the first of his Espionage thrillers starring the infallible Stephen Fletcher. Starting out in Eastern Europe at the time of the Cold War, Stephen Fletcher is a British spy who is tasked with becoming Comrade Nikovitch, with the intention of infiltrating a Russian camp designed to train Russian agents to live in England and befriend important people and politicians. This is a very strongly plotted espionage thriller, full of spy’s and double agents, it’s an intriguing tale, that doesn’t let up and it has a real old school feel, reminiscent of John Le Carré. A fast paced, sharply plotted complex espionage thriller, it’s a quick, enjoyable and exciting read If you enjoy your war-time spy thrillers, this really is a cracking little read. I’ll definitely be reading the rest of the series. 4🔥🔥🔥🔥

Joe Country by Mick Herron (Jackson Lamb 6)
Books / June 17, 2019

  Starting with an opening prologue that will leave you open mouthed, Joe Country is Book 6 in the Jackson Lamb spy series detailing the going’s on at Slough house, a kind of forced retirement home for disgraced ‘Joe’s ,’ or spies. With nowhere else to put them they are lumped under Jackson Lamb, an absolute beast of a man, with a terrible temper, a disgusting attitude and deplorable manners, but above all, he looks after his staff, no one ‘burns’ his Joe’s. Jackson is on the hunt , Louisa is brooding , River is in mourning , Standish is drinking , Shirley is angry , Coe is quiet and Roddy well…He’s Roddy 😂…and there is a new recruit , Lech, with his own story to fight. When Louisa goes rogue, looking for her now dead boyfriend, and slow horse Min’s son, she finds herself caught up in an operation in deepest Wales, Jackson sends River , Shirley, and Coe off to find Louisa in the welsh snow ..with questionable results.. The ever despicable ‘Lady Di Taverner is up to her usual tricks and now in charge of first desk, i’m very interested to see how that’s going to effect the…