The Home by Sarah Stovell #BlogTour
Books / January 23, 2020

When the body of pregnant, fifteen-year-old Hope Lacey is discovered in a churchyard on Christmas morning, the community is shocked, but unsurprised. For Hope lived in The Home, the residence of three young girls, whose violent and disturbing pasts have seen them cloistered away. As a police investigation gets underway, the lives of Hope, Lara and Annie are examined, and the staff who work at the home are interviewed, leading to shocking and distressing revelations … and clear evidence that someone is seeking revenge. A dark and devastating psychological thriller, The Home is also a heartbreaking and insightful portrayal of the underbelly of society, where children learn what they live … if they are allowed to live at all. Review Thanks to Random Things Tours and Orenda books for my copy of ‘The Home’ by Sarah Stovell. This book is one of those WOW books. From the minute you start reading, and the dark tones and stunning writing settle themselves on you, you spend much of the next 270 odd pages, pretty much in awe and deeply upset by this story of Hope, Lara and Annie, the teenage residents of ‘The Home’ Three girls, in the system, now living in…

Firewatching by Russ Thomas #BlogTour
Books / January 23, 2020

ONE FALSE MOVE Someone is setting fire to Sheffield. It starts with small things – dustbins and abandoned sheds so people don’t notice at first. But the calling card is there if you look for it. WILL IGNITE Soon the fires spread to offices, homes, people. The Firewatcher’s followers are growing and they have one particular blaze in mind – one that the police would do well to pay attention to. THE CITY But DS Adam Tyler is distracted by a case, one that he is unknowingly connected to. And if he can’t discover the link between the fires and himself, he will burn – along with the entire city. Review Thanks to Random Things Tours and Simon Schuster for my ARC copy of the debut novel from Russ Thomas, ‘Firewatching’ When a body is found bricked up in a building after a fire, DS Adam Tyler investigates. A series of plots run through the book, Tyler’s investigation, There are 2 elderly neighbours telling a story and a further plot where someone is setting fires across Sheffield and posting this online, gathering followers as quick as the fires they are igniting. It’s a book that needs your full attention, as…

The Guesthouse by Abbie Frost #BlogTour
Books / January 23, 2020

Thanks to Harper Collins for my copy of the new thriller from Abbie Frost, ‘The Guest House’. Hannah is struggling to get over the death of her boyfriend, drinking heavily and unable to work, she decides to take up a trip previously booked by her boyfriend before his passing. Booked using a new App, she will be the among the first visitors to a newly refurbished guest house in rural Ireland… On arrival, dumped by the taxi miles from the property and the only access through miles of farmland, Hannah starts to think she’s made a mistake. Once she reaches the Guest House, other holidaymakers begin to arrive, filling the guest house with a range of residents.. What could possibly go wrong? As secrets unravel, and the residents become more fractious, bodies begin to turn up.. Whilst it’s not really anything new, it’s very well crafted by Abbie Frost as she adds her own dark and disturbing twists and frights to this hugely enjoyable thriller. Claustrophobic and full of tense and atmospheric thrills. One to keep you guessing and engaged, it was a thoroughly good thriller I would happily recommend. 4 🔥🔥🔥🔥

Three Hours by Rosamund Lupton #BlogTour #ThreeHoursNovel
Books / January 16, 2020

Three hours is 180 minutes or 10,800 seconds. It is a morning’s lessons, a dress rehearsal of Macbeth, a snowy trek through the woods. It is an eternity waiting for news. Or a countdown to something terrible. It is 180 minutes to discover who you will die for and what men will kill for. In rural Somerset in the middle of a blizzard, the unthinkable happens: a school is under siege. Told from the point of view of the people at the heart of it, from the wounded headmaster in the library, unable to help his trapped pupils and staff, to teenage Hannah in love for the first time, to the parents gathering desperate for news, to the 16 year old Syrian refugee trying to rescue his little brother, to the police psychologist who must identify the gunmen, to the students taking refuge in the school theatre, all experience the most intense hours of their lives, where evil and terror are met by courage, love and redemption. Review Thank you to Ellie at Penguin for my arc and stunning finished copy of ‘Three Hours’ by Rosamund Lupton. This is a book I was hearing lots about on social media, a…

The Memory Wood by Sam Lloyd
Books / January 13, 2020

Thanks to Thomas at Transworld for my ARC of ‘The Memory Wood’ by Sam Lloyd. This is the debut from Sam Lloyd and all I can start with Is WOW. Every so often a book comes along that shocks you to your very boots. This is that book. A story told from 3 viewpoints. The story is a tale of the abduction of 13-year-old Elissa. A chess obsessed, extremely clever teenager, who finds herself abducted and then imprisoned below ‘The Memory Wood’. Then there is Elijah, a 12-year-old boy who lives in a cottage in the memory Wood, with his parents who work the land for the owner. When Elijah finds Elissa, she thinks she is going to be saved, but Elijah is no usual 12-year-old, and instead sees a chance at having a friend, someone to be his. And finally the detective working the case, Mairead. A troubled detective with a tragic and upsetting story of her own. Dark, Sad and disturbing, this story will truly encompass you and take you deep within. Survival, selfishness, manipulation, there is so much to this book. The plot twists will rock you, the whole thing is a jaw dropping, beautifully written, stunningly…