All Through The Night by M.P.Wright (J.T. Ellington 2) #BristolBooks

November 7, 2019

"It's quite simple Mr Ellington. When you find Fowler, just ask where we can find the truth."

With these words, private detective JT Ellington embarks on a seemingly simple case of tracking down a local GP with a dubious reputation and retrieving a set of stolen documents from him.

For Ellington, however, things are rarely straightforward. Dr Fowler is hiding a terrible secret and when he is gunned down outside a Bristol pub, his dying words send JT in pursuit of a truth more disturbing and deadly than he could possibly have imagined.



Following on from the first book in the series, Heartman, featuring Bajan ex cop J.T. Ellington, All the through the Night is the 2016 follow-up from M.P. Wright and 2nd book in the 4 book series.

The wily and crafty fox that is J.T Ellington returns and again he is getting himself mixed up in the dark and shady side of 60s Bristol, when he is asked to track down a missing Dr who has stolen some important paperwork from a orphanage.

Once J.T catches up with the Dr, he soon discovers something much darker is at work and there is much more than just some missing paperwork. When the old Dr is shot while with J.T, he suddenly finds himself in the spotlight for the killing, whilst also having to care for a very unexpected burden.

M.P Wright deftly crafts a stunning story, a true master storyteller, he takes us around the back streets of Bristol and its outer reaches as J.T evades his desperate pursuers.

J.T  meets some colourful and eccentric friends on his way, whilst there is also the return of his enigmatic cousin and friend Vic, always ready to help out, whether J.T approves or not. M.P Wright has a fascinating imagination, his characters are something else!

Again the use of Jamaican Patois is strong but fits its characters , I like the use of this rather than the characters speaking the queens english, it just adds an extra something to the books. The Rum that J.T so loves,  flows and this story is full of its spiced heat aswell.

The pacing is perfect, calm when it needs to be , and quickens up when the story is ratcheted up a notch.

A gripping, chilling storyline, fantastically written and plotted again with superb skill with an ending the book fully deserves.

Dark, Brooding, Atmospheric and more.

After Heartman I wondered if this sequel could live up to its brilliant successor and that it does with fierce aplomb

All the plaudits again from me.

The Highest of Recommendations and a book that sits firmly up in the best books ive read this year.

5 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥





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