And When I Die by Russel D.McLean

February 27, 2019

Glasgow 2011, Gangsters, the Scobie family mourn the death of their son Raymond in a car bombing.

An already fractured family, while it brings them together, it only serves only to create more chaos amongst them all.

Told from the POV of the two main characters John, a depressed, and a deep undercover copper who has infiltrated the Scobie crime gang and has gotten in too deep and Kat Scobie, adored Niece , who walked away from crime to become a Nurse , and lead her own life before being called back to mourn her cousin because family is family. She is drawn back in to the life, like it or not.

It quickly becomes apparent that Ray isn’t Dead, his family se tup the car bombing, believing he had turned traitor, he just about survives , albeit with horrific injuries , and he’s now dead set on revenging those who have wronged him.

As it turns out John and kat were a couple so there is a lot of tension in their stories and this unravels through the book as we find out why they are no longer together

Ray is an absolute man mountain, he’s a beast of a character and he’s written brilliantly. You can only love him yet he’s a murdering psychopath!

Revenge, Betrayal, a family falling apart at the seams in a power struggle for control and what comes with the Scobie Name

The Writing is sharp and on point and this a dark, brutal, powerful, disturbing thriller

it’s witty in the right places the pacing is nailed on.

However the middle pages of the book do slow it down to a point, as it builds to the finale, which Is very well executed,

Its an engaging, enjoyable piece of Glasgow Noir

This was my first book by Russel D McLean and it will definitely not be the last


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