Blind Eye by Stuart MacBride (DS Logan McRae 5)

January 16, 2019
Blind Eye

Blind Eye

Picture it, Sunny Aberdeen (yes just pretend) in the height of summer, hot , sweaty, uncomfortable.... with a mad man carving out the eyeballs of the polish community, here is book 5 of the DS Logan McRae series by Stuart MacBride. Back with a bang after book 4 which I felt was the weakest of the series this one really comes at you in a full tour de force. The wonderfully wicked DI Roberta Steel, almost stealing the show as ever, The lovable DC Rennie, our team is back without DCI Insch.. a couple of mentions but I think he is for a later tale. This story follows after book 4 where Logan met “the Flesher” and he is still carrying the scars from that in his life, troubled , angry , can’t sleep, ...this one barrels along and it feels like we get to know a bit more of Logan, his weaknesses but also some strengths. , the ever developing friendship with DI Steel is both heart warming as it is very funny. Anyone who reads Stuart MacBride knows he has a fantastic sense of humour and the wicked black comedy is more prevalent than ever and I must say I love it as it’s cuts against the morbid heinous crimes he writes about and describes with ferocity. What comes next is just great stuff, bent coppers, gangsters, guns, prostitution, gunfights ,a crazy trip to Poland, Logan really trying to find himself and it’s outstanding stuff. I think as it’s quite a long book by the end you have probably guessed what’s coming, so my 1 issue and probably why I’ve gone 4 and not the full 5 is that it’s just a bit too long , but then I’m no author. I look forward to book 6! 4/5

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  • Leireadingrealm April 16, 2019 at 3:15 pm

    Looks like I gotta get the previous 4 books to really get the story here. Btw thanks man for the review! Cheers

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