Bloodline by Pamela Murray

September 12, 2019

When a young boy discovers a man’s body lying in a doorway, DI Burton and DS Fielding are called to the scene.

 Believing the man was homeless, the police are shocked to discover the true identity of the victim; a Detective Constable from London who was working undercover.

 But when the DNA from the victim is linked to a cold case Burton and Fielding find themselves looking into another unsolved murder.

 And as the case unfolds, the detectives are faced with unpicking through a web of lies and deceit. But can they solve the murders before any more blood is spilt?


My Review

Thanks to Heather at Bloodhound books for my e-arc of Bloodline, no 2 in Pamela Murray’s series starting DI Joe Burton and DS Sally Fielding

When a homeless man is found dead in a shop doorway in suspicious circumstances, Burton and Fielding investigate, soon it becomes apparent it was a murder, which escalates further when it’s discovered he was an under cover police officer looking into a gang trying to employ homeless people to carry out illegal tasks for them.

Even more intriguingly, the DNA pops up showing the body is linked to a cold case 25 years before, and an unsolved murder , a body found at a mine at the time of the mining strikes.

A real traditional police procedural, as with the first book, it’s very much about the story, with no back story or depth to the characters it is a little hard to like them or get involved with them. I’d like to see them fleshed out a bit as Pamela Murray can very well write a story, I just feel like I need a bit more.

With the twists done well, a story to keep you guessing, and not a huge read, it’s a good follow-up to the first book and for me a writer getting better with each book.

well written and a decent mystery, the makings of a great series are here, and the cliffhanger at the end suggests there is much more to come.

4 🔥🔥🔥🔥


Pamela Murray is from the North East of England, and has spent most of her life living in Boldon. She began writing at an early age when she and her school friend used to write stories for one another. The writing continued on and off over the years, but was only recently reignited when the same school friend introduced her to the local writers group she was in.

Pamela had intended to enter Journalism after leaving school but found herself going to work in a Public Library instead, and has always had more than a passing interest in books and literature.

When not writing, Pamela is passionate about Cinema and her three grandchildren. She has also appeared as a Supporting Artiste in two episodes of the hit TV crime series "Vera".

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