Darkest Thoughts by Gordon Brown (Craig McIntyre 1)

November 11, 2019

Craig McIntyre’s mere presence can turn people’s darkest thoughts into action.
On an Iraqi street, Craig McIntyre finds himself at the center of an event that leaves several people dead. Ex-military, now a bodyguard, he has no idea how they died.
Others think he is repsonsible - the catalyst. They have no issue with that.
Indeed, they are intent on harnessing Craig's dark talent for creating chaos where once there was order...and will let no-one stand in their way.
Who are McIntyre’s pursuers? What do they see in him that he cannot see in himself? And what will happen to him if he is caught? Worse, what will happen to those closest to him if he escapes?
As he struggles to come to terms with events, and with the possibility that he really is a vehicle for anarchy, can he stop his darkest thoughts turning to revenge



After recently being invited onto a blog tour for the 4th book in the Craig McIntyre series by Gordon Brown, I thought this would be a good time to start the series!

So I went ahead and picked myself up a copy of ' Darkest Thoughts'.... and im pleased to say im very glad I did.

Craig McIntyre is a very unique protagonist, he appears to have an unharnessed 'Power' that sets people against each other in the most violent of ways.  He literally causes chaos without knowing it.

Being ex - Military, Craig finds himself working in Iraq, trying to make ends meet at home, when his power raises its head and his employer is killed, Craig is captured by a government black op agency who see the potential in this possibly very powerful weapon.

What ensues is a little bit crazy, fiercely violent and massively entertaining read. Bedlam at times, it's frantically paced, its action packed and its all quite fresh and cool!

Craig is screwed up, likes a jack Daniels and just seems a bit of an unlucky guy but he is a good guy and a very different hero. The Bad Guys are great, just proper sinister devious villians!

Graphic, Dynamic and a very individual writing style, this is top-notch adrenaline filled powder keg storytelling.

Highly Recommended and looking forward to reading more of 'Highest Lives' on my stop on the tour on November 16.

4 🔥🔥🔥🔥


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