Drug Gang Vengeance by Neil Walker (Drug Gang Trilogy 2)

June 11, 2019

Following on from the events of Drug Gang, http://www.alexjbooks.com/review/drug-gang-by-neil-walker-drug-gang-trilogy-1/  John Kennedy returns in the follow up, Drug Gang Vengeance.

John is now living in Sydney, running a new drug gang and living with love of his life, Lisa, unbeknown to Lisa , John is still in the drug world in a big way, but he plans to get out soon.

Unfortunately the past is about to return to haunt him. Savagely attacked by the returning Brotherhood, John and Lisa’s life in paradise is shattered.

Returning first to Belfast , then Manchester, the scene of Book 1, John swears to get his final lasting vengeance and retribution on the new risen again Brotherhood, now ran by crazed Simon and the equally sadistic girlfriend Kate, a new member of the gang.

As with the first book this is an absolute firecracker, it’s loud, brutal, offensive, explicitly violent and completely chaotic.

Even more savage and sadistic than it’s predecessor this book delves more in to the drug trade and introduces some new characters aswell as some from the past you don’t expect.

Action packed and rip roaringly paced, there’s a huge twist to come and shock you down to your boots.

The scenes in the nightclub culminating in the finale of this story really are the most vicious, ferocious, bloodthirsty pages I’ve ever read, but it’s just brilliant, shades of Fight Club, John is like a Bryan Mills , John Wick, kind of hybrid but he is a true hard man in his own right.

This series of books just has film franchise stamped all over it, this has a british hard man actor waiting for this part. Tom Hardy?

An absolutely outstanding follow up to Drug Gang. If you like your reading hard hitting, fast paced, shocking and extreme this is the book and series for you.

I read this book in around 3 hours, once I started there was no putting it down and I was up late into the night having to keep turning to the end.

Cool, sharp, slick, wicked, cold blooded madness and I can’t get enough..

I can’t wait to finish the Trilogy and massively intrigued to find out what is left in the John Kennedy Story, I have a feeling he has some unfinished business waiting for him....


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