Holmes Volume 2: The Return of Boro’s Greatest Detective by Melvyn Small

January 7, 2020

When Sherlock Holmes is pulled from Flat 1B, 22 Baker Street, to be thrown into Holme House prison, his only hope of release sits squarely on the shoulders of Doctor John Watson.

As Watson does his utmost to free his friend, he becomes wracked with uncertainty. Does he really know Holmes? Is Holmes innocent of the crime? Can he get him out?

Of course he can... otherwise this would be a very short book. Volume 2 sees our heroes embroiled in more intriguing mysteries. Armed only with logic, deduction and copious amounts of alcohol, they investigate the cases that have the police of Middlesbrough perplexed, edging slowly closer to a final confrontation with destiny. Who is the mysterious Professor and what are his plans for our Holmes?


Thanks to author Mel Small for my gifted copy of the 2nd in his series of reimagined Sherlock Holmes tales set in present day Middlesbrough, Holmes Volume 2: The Return of Boro's Greatest Detective

Following on from Holmes Volume 1 this further volume of 6 stories brings back the duo of Holmes and Watson. As with the first book, its narrated by Dr Watson as he tells his tales of the investigations and of Holmes usual mischievous life.

With Hacking Banks, Stolen Racehorses and Holmes appearing to lose his mind and much more, this is another packed volume of cracking stories. Each tale is written with an homage to the original tales, an authenticity you can feel Mel small wants to keep, but then they are transformed into these joyous modern day stories. The 6 tales all blend into each other making one very entertaining book that ends with a ground breaking shock for any reader of these books.

Rammed full of humour and Wit, the book reads again like a novel

Dr. Watson feels more to the fore in this book than the first as Holmes battles some apparent demons. it's almost like he’s developing and learning from Holmes.

The setting in Middlesbrough, the local dialect, and Holmes ever brutal sense of humour laced throughout just elevate these stories, with genuinely some of the funniest humour I've read on paper and it fits the style of these stories so well.

Aside from the humour, its top-notch crime writing as each of the 6 capers is an excellently crafted little mystery in itself

Highly Recommend for Holmes fans, old and new, and for any one who enjoys a highly entertaining, fast paced and humour filled romp from a refreshing and reimagined version of crime writings original super sleuth.

5 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

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