Night By Night by Jack Jordan

April 30, 2019

A first Time author for me,  Jack Jordan. This, his latest, Night by Night drops on May 2nd.

I’m increasingly reading more psychological thrillers and from very early on this felt really quite intriguing

Rose Shaw, a sufferer of serious insomnia is struggling to cope with day to day life, growing distant from her husband and constantly snapping at her twins she’s at the end of her tether. With other parents looking down on her, she tries to hide her problems resulting in a life altering tragedy.

Rose bumps into a man in the night who drops a journal, she reads this and discovers a diary of a man in fear of being stalked and murdered, she takes this to the police who seem uninterested.

The story begins to tell the tale of the journal and also we have Rose's struggle as she tries to investigate what the police are not interested in.

References to a real life serial killer of gay men in London are touched on and this book is based on the same, a killer is on the loose stalking and killing young gay men while the police show little care. It’s a brave book to suggest the police in reality would brush this under the carpet but as stated the author has provided reference to a real Life killer in Stephen Port. its absolutely shocking that ever happened and this book by an author, with a growing voice is vital to ensure that kind of thing ever happens in society again.

Rose is an interesting character, you cant help but feel for her plight, whilst the supporting cast are written convincingly as are the descriptions and locations

Police corruption and gross misconduct, a sinister killer trying to cover tracks and a mother desperately seeking a kind of redemption.

Writing and plot are sharp and on point. A gripping , chilling, fast paced, up to the minute Thriller, this is a novel with very dark tones and clearly a young fresh author who is unafraid to approach difficult subjects


Highly Recommended

You can buy now at Amazon by clicking the link 👉

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