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August 27, 2019



Criminal profilers Jan Grall and Rabea Wyler are assigned the gruesome case of a man found murdered in a wildlife park. Later, two more bodies are found, both brutally mutilated, and authorities soon realise that the victims are linked by the letters of the alphabet tattooed on their skin. 

Then the killer strikes again and Grall and Wyler receive a mysterious package containing a blood-encrusted scrap of skin marked with a letter. And when Grall’s hotel room is marked with a Z, the race is on to find out who this vicious killer is. Before it’s too late . . . 

A tense and exciting serial killer thriller by debut author, Lars Schutz.

My Review

Thanks to Tracy at Compulsive Reader Blog Tours and Zaffre for my copy of this new crime thriller , The Alphabet Murders by Lars Schutz

Set in a dark German winter , this story has a very European style and feel.

Criminal behaviorist Jan Grall, returns to his hometown and place of personal trauma , Westerwald, along with colleague Rabea Wyler to help with an investigation into gruesome murders , the victims are turning up tattooed with the letters A, B, C....

As the murders pile up in quick succession, this killer really does plough through the alphabet in a chilling and grisly manner, Jan and Rabea have to fight some very personal demons to assist the police chief in his investigations.

The chapters move between Jan and one of the serial killers victims. It’s quite disturbing and moving reading the victims tale.

Jan and Rabea are very interesting intense characters , both carrying dark secrets, I think there is more to come from this new brooding pair.

The author creates both a well written and paced, dark, atmospheric, almost claustrophobic, Euro chiller thriller set in the dark cold winter , this is a great bit of Murder Suspense to chill you to the bone on these Hot summer days!


4 🔥🔥🔥🔥


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