The Damage Done by James Oswald (Inspector McLean 6)

December 22, 2019

No good deed goes unpunished...


When a police raid in Edinburgh goes horribly wrong, the only silver lining for Inspector Tony McLean is a discovery that could lead to a long-lost girl from his early days on the beat.

Haunted by the mystery of what happened to her, McLean begins to dig into a case he thought long buried.

But the shadows of the past are soon eclipsed by crimes in the present as a series of strange and gruesome deaths shock the city.

As McLean's investigation draws him ever deeper into the upper echelons of Edinburgh society, it will not only be his career on the line - but his life as well...



This is the 6th book in the Inspector  McLean series. If you haven’t read any, they are crime fiction with a bit of super natural fantasy twist.

Being a big fan of John Connolly these books are very much up my street, yet very different to Connolly’s Parker series.

This time around McLean is now working in the sex crime unit. He finds himself picking up the pieces after a botched raid on a Brothel.

Embarrassed and confused by his teams failure, McLean is cast aside, and sent to work with his old nemesis Charles Duguid, scratching about after cold cases.

With all this going on, McLean is also helping like friends mend a troubled relationship.

This is a story of corruption and old power and money.

McLean as ever is a dog with a bone in his search for justice. He’s also still Lonely.

The usual suspects return, Macbride, Grumpy Bob, Duguid and Ritchie. Though maybe with more of a back seat as this story really focuses on and around McLean.

Macabre, gritty, brooding an spooky, This is yet another top notch slice of chilling thriller mystery by the master of the dark.

With a finale that makes you go ooooohhhh..... I’m glad I’ve got book 7 right here in front of me ready to read.

Highly recommended


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