The Fourth Courier by Timothy Jay Smith

March 13, 2019

1992 Warsaw, shortly after the Soviet Break up, Spring is beginning in Poland but the weather is cold and streets are paved in ice.

4 murders have been carried out, bodies dumped by the same river, victims have nuclear radiation on their hands and a slash to the face. Agent Jay Porter of the FBI is sent to the US Embassy in Poland to assist with the Investigation.

With the borders to Poland now open from Russia, Sadistic General Drako Mladic, head of security of Yugoslavia sees his chance to resurrect Serbia, and hatches a plan with brilliant nuclear scientist, Dr Sergev Ustinov to smuggle enhanced uranium into Poland to build a nuclear weapon in exchange for 1 million US dollars.

Assisted by Director Husarka Basia the corrupt Chief of Organised Crime, a sneaky mischievous, old school villain, and drug dealer Jasek ,they arrange the crossings of the couriers carrying the Uranium and the safe arrival of Dr Ustinov, but things don’t always go to plan with criminals and a million dollars involved.

Porter along with his counterpart at the US Embassy, Kurt Crawford from the CIA, team up to solve the mystery of these dead couriers and to stop Mladic’s horrendous plan and they go to any lengths to do so.

Warsaw is described as a cold, dark, gloomy place to live, with food shortages , meat and bread doubling in price daily and very little money around,it’s all told with fantastic attention to detail.

This is an espionage thriller, full of atmosphere, packed with corruption, double crossing and murder , drug dealers and plenty of dastardly criminals and unsavoury villains and a backdrop laced with uncertainty and darkness.

The Finale is entertaining and action packed and a suggestion this is the first book in the series of Jay Porter and Kurt Crawford, which would be a great thing.

A fast paced , thrilling book, the writing is both excellent, and thoroughly interesting. It’s exciting and very easily one of the best books I’ve read so far this year.



Thank you to Net Galley for the free a Review copy, as ever this has not influenced my review in any way

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