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September 6, 2019



Harry Gilmore has no idea of the terrible danger he faces when he meets a beautiful girl in a local student bar. Drugged and abducted, Harry wakes up in a secure wooden compound deep in the Welsh countryside, where he is groomed by the leaders of a manipulative cult, run by the self-proclaimed new messiah, known as The Master.

 When the true nature of the cult becomes apparent, Harry looks for any opportunity to escape. But as time passes he questions if the master’s extreme behaviour and teachings are the one true religion.

 With Harry’s life hanging by a thread, a team of officers, led by Detective Inspector Laura Kesey, investigate his disappearance. But will they find him before it’s too late? 


My Review


Thanks to Heather at Bloodhound Books for my e-arc of this extremely chilling new psychological thriller from John Nicholl, The Girl in White.

Even though I have all of the authors books on my kindle in the never-ending ‘to be read’ pile, this is the first time I’ve read a John Nicholl book, what was I waiting or. It’s very very good, thought-provoking stuff!

Harry Gilmore, down on his luck, near penniless and going through a break up with the love of his life, scrapes together the money for a couple of pints and takes himself off to the pub to drown his sorrows, unbeknown to Harry, he is being preyed upon by a maniacal cult.

Approached in the bar, by a beautiful member of the cult, offering him attention, drinks, and lunch , thinking his luck is changing , Harry takes up the offers...

Soon finding himself drugged, and locked up and at the behest of a crazed cult leader.

DI Laura Kesey is the chief protagonist on the police side of things, she has a resolve and determination to get the job done and I would like to see a return of this character.

A mix of police procedural and psychological thriller, John Nicholl expertly creates an evil and scary setting, along with a profoundly malevolent leader, this is heart racing stuff, racing along at a pace.

A dark, sinister tale of cults and indoctrination, full of suspense and chills to the bone, a first-rate thriller.


John Nicholl, an ex-police officer, child protection social worker and lecturer, has written seven darkly psychological suspense thrillers, each of which has been an Amazon #1 bestseller. 

John’s books are set in the UK and have a strong Welsh flavour. He began writing after leaving his job heading up child protection services for Carmarthenshire.

You can find out more about John and his books at:





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