Thinking Me Dead by Parker McCoy

July 19, 2019


Firstly , my thanks to the author Parker McCoy for my copy of his book , Thinking me Dead. I approached Parker on Twitter and he was kind enough to gift me a copy for a review.

This book was a hard one to review, I’ve held off to gather my thoughts on it, it’s that kind of book, I wanted to take it in properly.

Parker McCoy has created a protagonist in Shooter Lighthouse who is hard to like, but very easy to dislike.

Married into money, his wife Mary Lou wants to start a family, while Parker, ever the Alpha Male is not prepared to be the ‘kept’ husband and works hard at his job fighting for a promotion.

Shooter is a troubled soul, losing his mother 13 years previous in a car accident ,  still weighs heavily upon him and when a boyfriend of Mary Lou’s best friend Annie, suggests he has evidence that the car crash was no accident this eventually opens a can of worms and sets a chain of events that draw a side out of shooter he has kept hidden and quiet for 13 long years.

For me this book burns slowly to start then it’s begins to light up and kick along with the emergence of the news of Shooter’s mother’s death,  the pace of the book builds and the story opens up into an emotional, heartfelt ride with Shooter as his life around him crumbles as his main aim is to hunt down the truth,

With little regard for anyone and anything around him , Parker McCoy portrays a quite brilliant character, wrestling with all sorts of demons, wanting to do right by his mother and his partner Mary Lou.

Being a Bristolian, The language the book is written is almost quite welcoming, uses of the word ‘love’ in reference to others, I enjoyed the dialects and colloquialisms the author uses in this book.

it's a quite intriguing read, and look into a small American town, a tale of revenge, retribution but also self discovery , determination, and much more.

This is an absolute gem of a story and I whole heartedly recommended.

4 🔥🔥🔥🔥

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