Stasi Winter by David Young (Karin Muller 5) #BlogTour
Books / January 10, 2020

n 1978 East Germany, nothing is at it seems. The state’s power is absolute, history is re-written, and the ‘truth’ is whatever the Stasi say it is. So when a woman’s murder is officially labelled ‘accidental death’, Major Karin Müller of the People’s Police is faced with a dilemma. To solve the crime, she must disregard the official version of events. But defying the Stasi means putting her own life – and the lives of her young family – in danger. As the worst winter in living memory holds Germany in its freeze, Müller must untangle a web of state secrets and make a choice: between truth and lies, justice and injustice, and, ultimately, life and death. Review Thanks to Compulsive Readers Tours and Zaffre books for my copy of the 5th book in David Young’s outstanding ‘Stasi’ series, ‘ Stasi Winter’ featuring Major Karin Müller. This 5th book in this series finds Müller again faced with difficult decisions in with regards to the Stasi. Resigned from her job and struggling to make ends meet and a young family and grandmother to care for, Karin is forced back into service to investigate a women’s death close to the Baltic Sea….

Stasi 77 by David Young (Major Karin Müller 4)
Books / April 13, 2019

This is the 4th book in the Karin Müller series. I’ve enjoyed the first 3 books so as soon as this popped up on netgalley I had to request it! Set in East Berlin, 1977, Karin of the serious crimes department of the Kriminalpolizei is called and rushed back from her family holiday to investigate what appears to be the murder of a local political party official, Found in an old Mill, tied up and locked in a room then left to sufficate on smoke fumes. Similar murders follow, Müller attempts to investigate but the Stasi block her at every turn whilst her deputy and sometime love interest Weiner Tilsner seems to be acting very strangely about the investigation. Is he somehow involved? Kicked off the case,  Müller goes to her boss, to try and get back on the case, he pointedly refuses and she backs off until she receives a mysterious letter offering information on the murders. There are flash backs throughout to a 1943 prison camp and the tale of 3 French brothers. These are harrowing, disturbing and the darkest I’ve read from David Young in the 4 Muller books, nothing is sensationalised, it feels very grim and very…