Angel Avenger by Tim Wickenden (Max Becker 1)
Books / November 12, 2019

September 1960. In the Spandauer forest Detectives Max Becker and Bastian Döhl, from the Berlin Kriminalpolizei, find a naked, tortured man tied to a tree. A cryptic message hangs from his neck. When another body appears, Max is sure it won’t be the last. The press dub the killer, Der Waldscharfrichter (The Forest Executioner) and graphic tattoos on the bodies suggest that the victims are Russians with a criminal past. As more bodies and messages appear, they lead Max and his team to a horrific past event, wounds that run deep in the Berlin psyche, plunging Max into a conflict between his sense of duty and justice ›REVIEW‹ When I was offered a free copy of this book,  being an avid fan of books written in and about this era in Germany I was more than happy to read ‘ Angel Avenger’ by Tim Wickenden. This book is the first in the Max Becker series and is set in the Post war Berlin of 1960. A brutally tortured body is found tied to a tree, with a cryptic message around his neck. With more bodies turning up suffering the same macabre fate, Max Becker and his team of detectives investigate. This…

All Through The Night by M.P.Wright (J.T. Ellington 2) #BristolBooks
Books / November 7, 2019

“It’s quite simple Mr Ellington. When you find Fowler, just ask where we can find the truth.” With these words, private detective JT Ellington embarks on a seemingly simple case of tracking down a local GP with a dubious reputation and retrieving a set of stolen documents from him. For Ellington, however, things are rarely straightforward. Dr Fowler is hiding a terrible secret and when he is gunned down outside a Bristol pub, his dying words send JT in pursuit of a truth more disturbing and deadly than he could possibly have imagined.   REVIEW Following on from the first book in the series, Heartman, featuring Bajan ex cop J.T. Ellington, All the through the Night is the 2016 follow-up from M.P. Wright and 2nd book in the 4 book series. The wily and crafty fox that is J.T Ellington returns and again he is getting himself mixed up in the dark and shady side of 60s Bristol, when he is asked to track down a missing Dr who has stolen some important paperwork from a orphanage. Once J.T catches up with the Dr, he soon discovers something much darker is at work and there is much more than just…

The Lost Ten by Harry Sidebottom #BlogTour
Books / October 30, 2019

A desperate rescue attempt deep behind enemy lines . . . this nail-biting adventure has all the hard-edged appeal of the Bravo Two Zero mission. When Valens, a junior officer in the Roman Army, joins a crack squad of soldiers on a dangerous mission, little does he know what’s in store for him. Tasked with rescuing the young Prince Sasan, who has been imprisoned in the impenetrable Castle of Silence, the troops set out across Mesopotamia and into the mountains south of the Caspian Sea. Deep in hostile territory, inexperienced Valens finds himself in charge. And as one by one his soldiers die or disappear, he begins to suspect that there is a traitor in their midst, and that the rescue is fast becoming a suicide mission. Valens must marshal this disparate group of men and earn their respect, before it’s too late . . .   MY REVIEW Thanks to Tracy at Compulsive Readers and Zaffre books for my copy of this standalone thriller based in the Roman Era, The Lost Ten by Harry Sidebottom Having never read this author before i was taken in by the blurb and of mentions of a ‘Roman Jack Reacher’, Who wouldn’t want…

Shamus Dust by Janet Roger
Books / October 28, 2019

Hard Winter. Cold War. Cool Murder. Two candles flaring at a Christmas crib. A nurse who steps inside a church to light them. A gunshot emptied in a man’s head in the creaking stillness before dawn, that the nurse says she didn’t hear. It’s 1947 in the snowbound, war-scarred City of London, where Pandora’s Box just got opened in the ruins, City Police has a vice killing on its hands, and a spooked councilor hires a shamus to help spare his blushes. Like the Buddha says, everything is connected. So it all can be explained. But that’s a little cryptic when you happen to be the shamus, and you’re standing over a corpse. MY REVIEW Thank you to the guys at Troubador Publishing for my gifted copy of this great new Crime Noir ‘ Shamus Dust’ by Janet Roger   London, the aftermath of world war 2 , a body is found, shot twice. A local councillor who owns the building where the body is found calls in an American private investigator, or Shamus, called ‘Newman’ our protagonist, we never learn his full name. The story itself is full of greed, corruption and lies. It’s a serious tale, a real Murder Mystery….

The Lagotti Family Box Set by Leopold Borstinski #The Heist #BlogTour
Books / October 7, 2019

Two generations and four decades in the lives of Frank, Mary Lou and the rest of the gang The Heist: After leaving Baltimore Penitentiary, Frank’s get rich quick scheme to rob a bank requires his girlfriend, Mary Lou to sleep with an inside guy and for his gang to stay together long enough to take down the vault. Meanwhile Mary Lou falls for the inside man and can’t decide whether to go with him or Frank. If she chooses the wrong fella she’ll be penniless and wind up dead. How would you choose between a fool and a dreamer? The Getaway: After ex-con Frank and his girlfriend Mary Lou rob a Baltimore Bank, they must flee across country before the Feds find them and the mob ices them for stealing from an organized crime boss. As they dash to California, trust becomes the most important currency as Frank and Mary Lou grapple to decide whether love is enough to keep them together. And by the time they reach their goal, they must fight to the death to survive hired guns and trained police shooters. If they don’t kill everyone in their way then they will die themselves. Would you risk everything for…