Bloodline by Pamela Murray
Books / September 12, 2019

When a young boy discovers a man’s body lying in a doorway, DI Burton and DS Fielding are called to the scene.  Believing the man was homeless, the police are shocked to discover the true identity of the victim; a Detective Constable from London who was working undercover.  But when the DNA from the victim is linked to a cold case Burton and Fielding find themselves looking into another unsolved murder.  And as the case unfolds, the detectives are faced with unpicking through a web of lies and deceit. But can they solve the murders before any more blood is spilt?   My Review Thanks to Heather at Bloodhound books for my e-arc of Bloodline, no 2 in Pamela Murray’s series starting DI Joe Burton and DS Sally Fielding When a homeless man is found dead in a shop doorway in suspicious circumstances, Burton and Fielding investigate, soon it becomes apparent it was a murder, which escalates further when it’s discovered he was an under cover police officer looking into a gang trying to employ homeless people to carry out illegal tasks for them. Even more intriguingly, the DNA pops up showing the body is linked to a cold case 25…

The Introvert by Michael Paul Michaud (The Introvert 1) #BlogTour
Books / September 9, 2019

A vacuum salesman by day, the introvert lives a quiet life alone with his dog until a work relationship and a dark secret from his past team up to create an uncomfortable imbalance in his otherwise ordered life, one that soon finds him squarely at the center of a murder investigation. With his thoughts continually urging him to make people “red and open” and to “achieve it” with his girlfriend Donna, what follows is a sometimes brutal, oftentimes hilarious, and absurdist account of the life of one very anti-social and unexpected anti-hero.   My Review Thanks to Sarah at Book on The Brightside Tours and Michael Paul Michaud for my e-copy of the very unique ‘The Introvert’. The Introvert in question, is a very quiet, slightly odd, socially awkward Vacuum salesman. We don’t ever learn his name.  He is the Introvert. Living alone with his dog Molly, he keeps himself to himself, and just seems to amble along. When a work colleague starts to show an interest and he starts a relationship , and a disagreement with his landlord follows, a very different ‘Introvert ‘ shows his colours. This isn’t a long read, it’s at times a little slow, but does pick…

Unseen Evil by Liz Mistry (DI Gus McGuire 6) #BlogTour
Books / September 7, 2019

New Release from best-selling author Liz Mistry is number 6 in her D.I. Gus McGuire series. Social Media can be the death of you … The Snapchat A twisted killer comes to the attention of DI Gus McGuire and his team when a teenager receives a Snapchat image of his murdered friend.  The Killer As the killer becomes bolder, using social media to publicise the murders, Gus fears there may be more than one murderer targeting young people. The Stalker Meanwhile, Gus comes under threat from a stalker who is not afraid to get up close and personal. Can Gus protect his loved ones and catch the killer before another Snap is received?   My Review Thanks to Sarah at Book on the Brightside Tours and Liz Mistry for my e-copy of the 6th book in the DI Gus McGuire series, Unseen Evil. This is the first in the series I’ve read, so I started with a bit of trepidation that I might be missing out or lose some bits from previous books , but that wasn’t the case, it was great to read, even for a new reader of the series like myself, whilst there is of course references to…

A Litter of Bones by JD Kirk (DCI Logan 1)
Books / September 7, 2019

Was the biggest case of his career the worst mistake he ever made? Ten years ago, DCI Jack Logan stopped the serial child-killer dubbed ‘Mister Whisper,’ earning himself a commendation, a drinking problem, and a broken marriage in the process. Now, he spends his days working in Glasgow’s Major Investigations Team, and his nights reliving the horrors of what he saw. And what he did. When another child disappears a hundred miles north in the Highlands, Jack is sent to lead the investigation and bring the boy home. But as similarities between the two cases grow, could it be that Jack caught the wrong man all those years ago? And, if so, is the real Mister Whisper about to claim his fourth victim? A Litter of Bones is the explosive debut crime thriller novel from JD Kirk, an exciting new voice in Scottish crime fiction. Perfect for fans of L.J. Ross, Ian Rankin, Chris Brookmyre, and Stuart Macbride. ‘A phenomenal novel.’ – M.A. Comley   My Review Thanks to Sarah at Book on the Brightside Tours and JD Kirk for my e-copy of debut novel and the first in a new Scottish detective series introducing DCI Jack Logan, A Litter of Bones….

A Shot in the Dark by Neil Richards and Matthew Costello (Mydworth Mysteries)
Books / September 5, 2019

Sussex, England, 1929.   Mydworth is a sleepy English market town just 50 miles from London. But things are about to liven up there considerably, when young Sir Harry Mortimer returns home from his government posting in Cairo, with his unconventional American wife – Kat Reilly.   No sooner have the two arrived, when a jewel robbery occurs at Harry’s aunt’s home – Mydworth Manor – ending in one of the thieves being shot…and killed.   The local police are baffled by the case. But Harry and Kat have an edge in the hunt for the second thief: not only do they have certain useful “skills” they’ve both picked up in service of King, President and Country, they also have access to parts of English high society that your average bobby can’t reach.   Because this Shot in the Dark…could have come from anywhere. ▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️ Thanks to Dylan at RedDog Press for inviting me to the tour for ‘A Shot In The Dark’ by Neil Richards and Matthew Costello. Here’s an extract from the book. ▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️ PROLOGUE SUSSEX, ENGLAND, 1929.   LADY LAVINIA FITZHENRY turned the page of the novel she was reading – the latest from the American, Hemingway….